The amount of sunshine that reaches the earth in a minutes is enough to power the world's energy needs for a year
( Off Grid MCA Sumba )
PT. Surya Energi Indotama has operated and maintained solar power tower equipment for BTS in 3T (frontier, remote, underdeveloped) areas.
( BTS 4G Kominfo Bakti, Network Operation Center )
Renewable energy could reduce emissions but also create jobs and improve public health.
- Paul Polman
( PLTS Rooftop di SPBU )
Renewable energy solution for areas that not covered by the operator's grid.
( Off Grid PV Santos (Madura Offshore) Pty Ltd )
PT Surya Energi Indotama is a trusted pioneer of new renewable energy companies
( PLTS IPP Kupang. Kapasitas 5MWp )
Became a trusted Total Solution Leader in New Renewable Energy Conservation for users according to their needs
( PLTS Grid Connected PV System PT. Badak NGL. Kapasitas 300kWp )
"A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future"
-Gloria Reuben
( Kantor Pusat Sumber Daya Mineral, Batubara dan Panas Bumi Bandung. Kapasitas 158 kWp )
We are here to provide the best total energy utilization solutions to improve the quality of life
( Rooftop QBIG Mall BSD. Kapasitas 1MWp )
PT. Surya Energi Indotama provides solutions to accelerate development through investments in energy conservation
( Penerangan Jalan Umum )

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Company Profile Surya Energi Indotama

Surya Energi Indotama is a pioneer in providing solar power in Indonesia, therefore SEI is also a pioneer in providing clean energy services nationally. We have experience on a national scale to a small scope such as homes that are supported by world-class technology, making us the right choice for housing, small industry, commercial enterprises, government, schools, livestock, water districts, and more.

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